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Tom Bell

Go, Swift, and JavaScript Hacker
Northern Quarter, Manchester

What I'm Doing Now

This is a now page, inspired by the wonderful Derek Sivers. Although Martin told me to add one to my site.

Currently chilling in Manchester, England. In the fancy Northern Quarter.


I’ve started DJ’ing as a new hobby. I wanted a non-programming related hobby as a creative outlet. I upload my recorded sets to Mixcloud. I’ll be looking to have a dedicate page on the site for these including full track lists, if you’re into that stuff.


My current focus is on a project I am working on with Martin, I’ll just quote Martin.

One day per week, a friend and I are hacking on an interesting (but ambitious) idea to see how far we can get with it. It’s a fun mix of distributed computing problems and network programming, but it’s a bit too early to go into details.

It’s great working on such an ambitious project, with probably the only person I could see myself working on such a project with.

Martin also asked me to offer some help on his other project DashRoots. So we’ve been working on refactoring some of the back end.


I’ve started writing a lot more things down in a notebook. Whether it’s ideas or cool Vim shit I’ve found out. I think it will be cool to keep any filled notebooks up and look back at them years from now. Kind of like “cool shit journals”.

Writing posts for my blog, regardless of whether I think people won’t be interested in the topic. I’ve managed to write more posts in the month of April than the last 2-3 years combined.