Tom Bell

seasoned code hacker and newbie dj

What I'm Doing Now

This is a now page, inspired by the wonderful Derek Sivers. Although Martin told me to add one to my site.

Currently chilling in Manchester, England.


Decided to take up playing Magic: the Gathering again, after previously stopping twice before.


I’ve been DJ’ing a good number of months now. I’ve uploaded all my mixes after they’re done to Mixcloud. I’ve been streaming every Friday at 21:30 (GMT) on Twitch. Streaming has spawned a couple of projects that I started working on.


My current project is a parsing package for the Serato session file format, called go-serato. The goal is to end up being able to parse the crate files as well.

The main project is saga, which is an API server that serves the currently playing tracks from a Serato session. Along with serato-now-playing which acts as the web front end, that OBS can load in a browser overlay.