Tom Bell

seasoned code hacker and newbie dj

  1. ReleaseKit + Go CI/CD Pipeline

    For a long time now, most of my command-line app projects have been written using Go. Without going into a sales pitch for Go, I love using it for command-line apps because of the simple tool chain, and nice standard library (also the flag package is great).

  2. Screen Sharing & Pairing with macOS

    Back when I first met Martin, we spent the entire day (almost 12 hours plus) working together on network programming project, reverse engineering a network protocol, creating a client for it.

  3. Hacking in Berlin

    Around the start of November 2017 sitting in Waterstones in the Arndale, Martin had told me about an idea he had for a project we should work on. After explaining in detail and talking about how to go about it for about an hour, we decided we'll do it.