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Power your window management with an Arc Reactor.

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The Background

Stark is a macOS Cocoa application written in Swift. Building Stark came from a frustration with similar applications for macOS.

Looking for something simple and not full of superfluous configuration options. I wanted an application that responded to configured shortcut keys and managed my windows and applications accordingly. There are a number of existing open source applications I looked at.

I wanted to build my own application mainly to learn Swift and to fulfil my own need.


Stark was to remain a simple GUI free application that sits in the Finder status bar. Initially I was thinking of using Lua as the language to configure Stark.

Then I discovered JavaScriptCore which allowed developers to evaluate JavaScript from within their applications. It also meant I could expose my own “context” making functions available for managing windows.

The Building

I’ve worked on Stark since January 2016 on and off in my free time. Ever since I built a usable version I’ve been running it ever since. I also gave copies to some friends to help test out and provide feedback.

The code itself started off pretty simple and has evolved over time with the updates to the Swift language, and things I’ve learnt about building macOS applications.

My goal is to have Stark 1.0.0 released early 2017 for everyone to try out. You can follow the progress and issues on the GitHub Project.

The website for Stark is coming soon, and will feature full documentation for the JavaScript API.